Aquatic Vascular Plants Teaching Collection

This small sub-collection of the ASTC herbariuim provides an introduction to the wetland and aquatic vascular plants of the West Gulf Coastal Plain. Most specimens represent native or naturalized species of the Texas Pineywoods and many are common or characteristic in local wetlands. The collection includes Obligate-wetland and Facultative-wetland plants (species that are allways or usually found in wetlands) as well as a number of Facultative species that are common in east Texas wetlands but also occur frequently on upland sites. See our Pineywoods Ecosystems page for descriptions of the principal types of east Texas wetlands. Scroll down the frame and Select the desired family to veiw the specimens.
  Nelumbo lutea (yellow lotus)
Lotus and baldcypress in a swamp at Caddo Lake, Texas