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To browse, click the image of the desired plant group in the phylogenetic tree. Click the adjacent text to see descriptions of the groups.

phylgenetic tree of the plant kingdom

Monocotyledons Magnoliids (in Magnoliids and Nymphaeiids) Nymphaeales in (Magnoliids and Nymphaeiids) Hornworts (in Bryophytes and Charophytes) Mosses (in Bryophytes and Charophytes) Lverworts (in Bryophytes and Charophytes)l Characeae (in Bryophytes and Charophytes) Lycophytes (in Ferns and Lycophytes)l Ferns (in Ferns and Lycophytes) Conifers Eudicotyledons monocotyledons magnoliids nymphaeids Hornworts Mosses liverworts Charophytes lycophytes ferns conifers eudicotyledons

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