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Welcome to ASTC: the Herbarium of Stephen F. Austin State University (Version 17.10)

The Stephen F. Austin State University herbarium (ASTC) with more than 79000 specimens is the 4th largest collection in Texas. In addition to housing specimens from throughout North America,  the collection represents nearly all of the nearly 2200 vascular plant species found in the eastern Texas Pineywoods. The collection's curator is Dr. James Van Kley. The herbarium plays a vital role in teaching and provides crucial plant identification support to our research in vegetation science. Professionals engaged in research may visit the herbarium by appointment. We also entertain loan requests and facilitate specimen exchanges with other herbaria.

  •  Specimen Imagery of our bryophyte collection and our small wetland and aquatic vascular plant collection is now online. In the future we hope to add additional plant groups. Click here to see the holotype of Rudbeckia scabrifolia, a rare coneflower found only in a few herbaceous seeps in the east Texas Pineywoods region.

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Leucobryum albidum: ASTC Specimen B147

What's New

  • 10/03/2013: The bryophyte collection at ASTC is now online
  • 02/1902014: The aquatic vascular plant collection is on line.


Iris x-flexicaulis5, Nacogdoches County, Texas Texas


Passiflora incarnata

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